About Joy

If you are giving-up an adult Persian – or want to adopt one-or two!… Read on for info on a truly unique Persian rescue scheme.

All the cats live with Joy in the cottage: complete with heaters, toys, blankies and jungle gyms – they have the run of a lovely big safe garden plus lots of love and cuddles and the best veterinary attention and leading brand of vet food.
This is totally non profit – are you kidding!! Rescue funded totally out of Joy’s pocket and with the help of donations from benefactors from time to time. This is a no nonsense; tell it like it is rescue operated by Joy for nearly 2o years – Joy is proud to be recommended and endorsed by leading veterinarians bone fide breeders and rescue organisations and welfare.
This is the very important business of trying to get as many unwanted, neglected and unsterilized Persians – cleaned up, “done”, loved, fed and found. The very best qualified homes, the cats health, happiness and comfort are the top priority.
My gorgeous adult Persians (mainly between 8months – 5 years old), friendly, house-trained, full of character and love looking for very special loving homes – but with my strings attached!
Can you afford to keep my cat in the style it’s accustomed to?
Joy Hawksley-Hill

Joy Hawksley-Hill

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, i have lived in SA for almost 40 years. Anyone who knows me knows that i’m a total “hands on” person not frightened to get my hands dirty, and will gladly drive all over the country to collect an  unwanted Persian! I run back and forth to my vet and will administer “muti” through the night if it means saving a life.

I’m passionate about all animals domestic or wild, i object to animal cruelty and neglect in any form, most of all i have a special connection with adult Persians since i got my first persian Lusha 30 years ago who was 10 at the time and had a host of behavioral problems but overcame everything to show a fabulous personality and was the love of my life until he died at 22. I feel very blessed to have known and lived and been loved by so many wonderful Persian over the years — all the time and money and often heartache has been worth it for me when i see trusting little flat face purring gratefully.